Thursday, May 16, 2013

Satan (frustration) vs. Apastolic Blessing

As I was sitting, listening, and seeing the beloved apostle Elder Richard G. Scott get back up before the prayer began, tears filled my eyes and landed on my lap. "The Lord has called you to succeed, not fail. This mission experience wlil help you discover things you never knew. Will help you develop a great capacity to serve and love..."
The apastolic blessing to "Master" this Latvian language...will come as I have faith that it will, and if I pray to have the spirit of tongues. "Remember the Lord has called you to succeed, not fail...He will not abandon you." He got up after he was done speaking because he felt he needed to say that once more.
I'm inserting a journal entrance because 1, I don't have much time and 2, feel like it sums up pretty much what I want to say.

This gospel is tryly Amazing. My faith is growing. I can't help but to feel HAPPY. peace, and joy, and just a feeling that EVERYTHING is good. My favorite saying last summer that I said quit often was, "Life is good." It truly is. There's nothing for me to be afraid of. Nothing I can't do in His strenth. Today, if anyting, I have been taught to NOT complain! Just stop complaining. God didn't send me here to complain about life. But to enjoy it! Be happy. Why be sad? Just go outside and look at (what Masa Stoute's favorite thing is) the beauiful blooming flowers.
With God and His help, I can do anything. And so it will be.

Random things from this week

-Vocal Point came (I know, right?) and did a hymn share. It was awesome. I miss performing.
-apparently it's tradition that the boys have lost 15lbs when home from latvia, and the girls?? gain 25lbs...I am going to break that tradition :)
-you can't sit on the floor in Latvia because they are real superstitous: you can't have children if you do apparently.
-I saw my best friend today in the cafeteria, he got here yesterday!
-I get a compliment that I look I'm from the 50's every so often from the cute ladies here... :)
-Family: Watch Jeffrey R. Holland's Mormon Messages about Testimony of the Book of Mormon. I cried when I saw him hold up Hyrum Smith's Book of Mormon. I couldn't help but think...that is our ancestor's book he's holding...
-I love flowers...
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland)

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