Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brother Joseph

(I wrote this after I watched this Josesph Smith Restoration Video. My family should watch it for FHE.)
I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. And God, through Joesph Smith, restored His gospel on the earth.
There is opposition in all things. Trials will come, tears will be shed, but know, "Thine afflictions will be but a small moment." In time of trial, have faith. Pray for strength. God will give it to you, if you believe in Him. I know with every part of me that God exists and He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins. That through the Atonement, we may Return to God and live with Him once again. I know this to be true.
How do I know these things to be true? Because I cannot deny that which I feel. The Holy Ghoset is testifying to me that these things are true. I feel it in my heart . A great burning within. Tears of truth with knowledge. To obtain this spirit, a testifier of truth, one must be in a situation to recieve him. A place where the spirit may dwell. If one isn't/doesn't feel the Savoir's love, put yourself in a situation where His love may be felt...Another way is through Prayer. I have greatly gained a testimony of Prayer. "For in His strength, I am strong." I know I can't do His work alone. I need Him. I need the Atoenment because I am not perfect. I need my Lord, Jesus Christ, my Savior. I feel His love surround me as I strive to do what's right. I know He loves me because of Prayer. Get down on your knees, pour out your soul. Let Him heal you. Let Him help you.
"By your faith, ye are made whole."
Go and do His work. Serve His people with diligence of mind, of and with your strength that the Lord has given you to help and strengthen the weak!
"Go and do wich the Lord hath commanded."
I am so grateful to know of the things that make me and my family happy. Christ's gospel brings peace unto my soul for I know that the Lord liveth!
Peace be unto you, I say, for God lives, and we will come into His rest.
I pray that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Random Thoughts

  • I auditioned today with an amazing accompianist (reminded me alot of Danny Hansen, miss him and am soo grateful for his letters). Was a little scared.
  • There are flees in Latvia and I'll get scars from them?! what....
  • SYLing every day, every hour, every minute......ok... well sometimes I can't remember words like tree, or pineapple, so I do say English sometimes. Even though I shouldn't be.
  • Saw Elder Jesse Taysom!!! I almost hugged him... haha seeing him made me think of Poky, and camping in the snow, and fainting in the hot pool, oh wait. different story. But said his first lesson was a little rough but then his next lessons were better because he didn't try to memorize the lesson. He's listening and coming to recognize the spirit! We both sing in the Choir. We absolutely love the Choir director. He is awesome! It's going to be so funny to see Ty speaking to Jesse.
  • I got the best letter in the world from my aunt Missy. THE BEST EVER.
  • Pretty soon I'll be getting my travel plans! I wouldn't mind just going tomorrow if I could.
  • Will someone please tell Grandpas to make me Music CD?! Only music that can be played in the temple :)
  • I love you all!!!
  • oh, Elder Neilson came and spoke to us about family search, and angels. And how they really are alive. And will come help us. That I believe. :)

It's Elder Filiaga!

Harrison and Alisa in the MTC
Masa Vudlande

some questions

  • Why does your hair fall out in Latvia?  -the hard water. Which is why your teeth stain yellow was well. so I might talk to danny about getting me some of those teeth strips because he loves me :) he writes me alsmost every week and I plan on writing him today. Love that boy so much! OH!!!!! I saw Harrison Ilano?! You'll have to tell Fish. Ya didn't know that he was goin on a mission!!!!!! It was so AWESOME!
  • Have you heard from Ben since he has been in FL?  Today YES! I didn't have his address so I couldn't send anything!!! But now I can. 
  • How is the language coming?  How did you manage speaking all day?  haha we not fluent by all means, but I can kinda street contact, and I can bear my testimony, say 5 scriptures like nobody's bussiness, and I have lots of words memorized...but then you have to conjugate them.
  • Are you going stir crazy yet? stir?? mabye you mean still? and what? I'm not going crazy. not at all. I love everythihng. seriously.
-I love you

random thoughts

If you had three wishes before you died, what would they be? Today, my letter is going to be quite random of different thoughts I had throughout the week. So hopefully you will be able to read it, like my awesome uncle Jimmy's letters he sends home ;)
I didn't really have to think about the wish question too hard. Here were my answers: For my dad to be strengthened in health, in his body; for money for my borther's and sister's  college education; and for instruments for my family that our home may always be filled with the language of the heavens.

There is a difference in which way he is facing, and which way he is looking. (with investigators)
I am so grateful for my voice and keep praying that I might have it back (I keep getting sick....). Mom will you send me the song from Saints and Pioneers, "You have nothing to fear"?

I remember when I received my mission call, how powerful the Holy Ghost testified to me that that is where I was needed. I am here, MTC, preparing to go. I am almost ready. I am excited.

"Who am I to judge another, while I walk imperfectly" Do not bruise another with unkind words and thoughts.
Your attitude will affect your behavior.
"Perfect love casteth out all fear."-Moroni 8:16. I absolutely love this verse. It just made me think, that if I truly Love the Lord, then I shall have no fear! I really have no fear (right now, and hope to never) about going to Latvia. I am just excited. I have trust in the Lord because I am doing all I can with all the time He has given me at the MTC. I believe, no...I know that Heavenly Father will protect me, will guide me, will help me deliver His glorious message in the Language of the Latvian people if I am listening, if I am grateful, if I act, if I love and have no fear. It depends on my faith.

Sesuo Bates painteed my nails....hahaha!

This is from Sister Nillson, She's from Sweden. :)

I love you all,
Masa Vudlande

Jesus Won't be Asleep When I'm in my Gethsemene

I sang in the MTC choir this week, and the choir director (he is amazing and funny) said something that I will always remember.."You'll sing it better, if you teach it better." We sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace." Of course I couldn't sing....because I cry all the time when I sing.And of course the camera was on me. For me, I have always felt the spirit when I let the music speak. I am so grateful that that is a language I understand. Music.
I always kind of put a little journal entry and so here is one.

The Natural Man

Tonight, BYU Men's choir came. And after that, Masa Stoute and I went to the short films, devo clip from Elder Bednars, Character of Christ, at Christmas Day Devo....wich I think that's the one Ty and his companion has to stand up there cause his companion had to say the closing prayer...My thoughts, I wish could just pull them all out and organize them. I wish I could remember everything, but this is what touched me or greatly impressed my thoughts.
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland) 

Satan (frustration) vs. Apastolic Blessing

As I was sitting, listening, and seeing the beloved apostle Elder Richard G. Scott get back up before the prayer began, tears filled my eyes and landed on my lap. "The Lord has called you to succeed, not fail. This mission experience wlil help you discover things you never knew. Will help you develop a great capacity to serve and love..."
The apastolic blessing to "Master" this Latvian language...will come as I have faith that it will, and if I pray to have the spirit of tongues. "Remember the Lord has called you to succeed, not fail...He will not abandon you." He got up after he was done speaking because he felt he needed to say that once more.
I'm inserting a journal entrance because 1, I don't have much time and 2, feel like it sums up pretty much what I want to say.

This gospel is tryly Amazing. My faith is growing. I can't help but to feel HAPPY. peace, and joy, and just a feeling that EVERYTHING is good. My favorite saying last summer that I said quit often was, "Life is good." It truly is. There's nothing for me to be afraid of. Nothing I can't do in His strenth. Today, if anyting, I have been taught to NOT complain! Just stop complaining. God didn't send me here to complain about life. But to enjoy it! Be happy. Why be sad? Just go outside and look at (what Masa Stoute's favorite thing is) the beauiful blooming flowers.
With God and His help, I can do anything. And so it will be.

Random things from this week

-Vocal Point came (I know, right?) and did a hymn share. It was awesome. I miss performing.
-apparently it's tradition that the boys have lost 15lbs when home from latvia, and the girls?? gain 25lbs...I am going to break that tradition :)
-you can't sit on the floor in Latvia because they are real superstitous: you can't have children if you do apparently.
-I saw my best friend today in the cafeteria, he got here yesterday!
-I get a compliment that I look I'm from the 50's every so often from the cute ladies here... :)
-Family: Watch Jeffrey R. Holland's Mormon Messages about Testimony of the Book of Mormon. I cried when I saw him hold up Hyrum Smith's Book of Mormon. I couldn't help but think...that is our ancestor's book he's holding...
-I love flowers...
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland)