Monday, July 1, 2013

answers and thoughts

Questions from mom:

1.  What kind of foods are you eating?
....nothing out of the ordinary. :) There are markets right where we live. I love the feeling of going to a market instead of a store. :) Again, I'm in a fairytale :)
2.  Who are you teaching right now? 
We are teaching Daina. Her daughter is baptized but we are kinda waiting for her to decide on a couple things before she can get married. We are going to teach her tonight in Karoasta. Most of the Russians live there. Before the lesson we are going to go play in the old forts there. Look at the pictures on the internet.  
3.  Any bed bugs yet?
Ashley and Kelcie got attacked by them.  They had to fumigate their room. 
4.  Have you been doing service projects for the people? 
We did the Farm last week for Daina and then english class counts as well. 
5.  How are the English classes going? 
They stopped for a bit but then we will start up again here soon
6.  Did you do the talent show yet?  How did the singing and dancing go? How did your cowboy sweetheart song go?
Nope, not yet!
7.  Do Latvian kids fall in love with you as easily as American kids?
.....................................I'm not answering this question....... :)
8.  Are you walking a ton? 
Every day! But we do ride the trams 
9.  How do you make contacts?
We do street contacting but Europe will probably be the first to do fb and so forth, that's what pres. said.
10.  Are you getting exposed to traditions and other religions?
Hm. Everyday, I learn more about the Latvian people but not really about other religions. 
11.  Did you stay out of the woods during the Summer Solstice celebration?:)
hahaha of course I did. But next time I come here? No way. 

Random thoughts:

  • Last week I went to Kuldiga...I have never felt so happy in one place before. I said outloud, "I'm home." I felt like a princess, passing her guards house on the left, while the remains from the castle are to the right... I am def. going back there. 
  • I think i've finally learned how to cook cracked wheat. def. not as good as Grandpa's though.
  • It's so humid here! I love it, although clothing wise, I wasn't really prepared for summer, just cold winters.
  • my comp sleep walks and turns on the light at 1:00am and then sleeptalks and asks what time it is everynight...I love her. 
  • loved the conference thing about member missionaries. I'm going to be the best ward member when I get home!
Love, Sister Woodland