Monday, July 1, 2013

answers and thoughts

Questions from mom:

1.  What kind of foods are you eating?
....nothing out of the ordinary. :) There are markets right where we live. I love the feeling of going to a market instead of a store. :) Again, I'm in a fairytale :)
2.  Who are you teaching right now? 
We are teaching Daina. Her daughter is baptized but we are kinda waiting for her to decide on a couple things before she can get married. We are going to teach her tonight in Karoasta. Most of the Russians live there. Before the lesson we are going to go play in the old forts there. Look at the pictures on the internet.  
3.  Any bed bugs yet?
Ashley and Kelcie got attacked by them.  They had to fumigate their room. 
4.  Have you been doing service projects for the people? 
We did the Farm last week for Daina and then english class counts as well. 
5.  How are the English classes going? 
They stopped for a bit but then we will start up again here soon
6.  Did you do the talent show yet?  How did the singing and dancing go? How did your cowboy sweetheart song go?
Nope, not yet!
7.  Do Latvian kids fall in love with you as easily as American kids?
.....................................I'm not answering this question....... :)
8.  Are you walking a ton? 
Every day! But we do ride the trams 
9.  How do you make contacts?
We do street contacting but Europe will probably be the first to do fb and so forth, that's what pres. said.
10.  Are you getting exposed to traditions and other religions?
Hm. Everyday, I learn more about the Latvian people but not really about other religions. 
11.  Did you stay out of the woods during the Summer Solstice celebration?:)
hahaha of course I did. But next time I come here? No way. 

Random thoughts:

  • Last week I went to Kuldiga...I have never felt so happy in one place before. I said outloud, "I'm home." I felt like a princess, passing her guards house on the left, while the remains from the castle are to the right... I am def. going back there. 
  • I think i've finally learned how to cook cracked wheat. def. not as good as Grandpa's though.
  • It's so humid here! I love it, although clothing wise, I wasn't really prepared for summer, just cold winters.
  • my comp sleep walks and turns on the light at 1:00am and then sleeptalks and asks what time it is everynight...I love her. 
  • loved the conference thing about member missionaries. I'm going to be the best ward member when I get home!
Love, Sister Woodland

Monday, June 24, 2013

Riga and Russians

well the members here...are just converts. So on the list here in liepaja there are I think 200 members...but that regurarly go to 10? it's pretty sad. there are those 10 that sometimes have time to help us. we usually plan and help with the activities because they don't really know how to. teaching has been....well. I'm not gonna lie, the language is obviously hard. and I usually don°t speak much in the lessons. I understand most of the time, but speaking is an entirely different matter. but I'm still trying.

The Scerbinins

"I hope my skirt doesn't fly up!" I thought as I twirled around in the tiny living room of the Scerbinins house. They asked to see me turn cause their cute lil girl is dancing for the talent show. I'm also going to dance with one of the other member's lil girl for the talent show....and they want to hear me yodel...It's gonna be an interesting one...I yodeled for my English class when we had show and tell and then Vladamir (Russian. you could have guessed cause of his name) He is awesome. like 60 years old. Think I sing like in the alps.


The cobblestone streets, the tall statues, guitar music playing in the background...I am in a fairytale. Last P-day we spent the day in Riga because we had zone conference on Monday and then we had to do another set of exchanges there as well. I have been traveling every single week to different cities. I love traveling. God knows me soo well. He is giving me soo many opportunities with teaching, with my talents, with basically all of my desires...just listen to the spirit and the Lord will bless you :)

Drunk Russians

After Riga, we got on the bus and as I said, "Labdien!" to the lady who sat by me, she then started talking back to me in Russian..."Ah, another one?! I always talk to the Russians!...grr." She then pulled out some liquor and was the funniest 4 hour bus ride. Let's just say the Latvian people didn't want to just drop her off so they tied her feet with a zip tie...and she might have peed on the floor. The other time, always on buses it seems like, was also trying to speak with me in Russian.

The Lauki

A lot of the Latvians go to their summer homes, lauki, and farm and just live there to be happy. So we traveled to one of our investigators farm and we pulled weeds! oh how my family knows I love to pull weeds. :) But really though, I loved it. Everyone barefoot and having a good ole time gardening. The strawberries were soo good. I loved getting dirty.

Today's P-day

We are emailing earlier because we are traveling to Kuldiga. I don't know much about it but I heard that it has the longest waterfall in Europe...? well....Atta!

Monday, June 10, 2013

first week in Latvia

The Pirate House

The smell was awful. I didn't dare touch anything. All four of us stood outside the door of what looked like something from a ship. And then white handprints from children were on the door. We all said a prayer and someone knocked (It was a passoff lesson from elders to sisters). Valija opened the door. I smiled. A real smile. I am really doing this. We all shuffeld in, passed a sink, 5 kitties in a box, and then stepped over something into a small little room, (smaller than any hotel room I've ever stayed in, about half the size of my bedroom in yellowstone). I sat down on one of the beds. There were about 3 small ones and a couch. She started talking to her son who had a cigarette in his of the elders turned to me and said, "They are speaking in their language." ? oh, ya. I remembered. She is a gypsy. They asked her if she wanted to pray after she told us that she had quite smoking a while ago. Her prayer lasted....15 mintues? With some of grand children coming in and interupting. Then her moving to pray on her knees. Some of it was real quite, then loud, then in a different language, then part of the memorized prayer, then in her own words. An Elder then began to teach part of the plan of salvation. I ended with a small, simple, latvian prayer. We asked her to come to church. She came :)


After talking to a man from Germany on the plane about why I was going to Riga (in his little english) and exchanging cards (I'm a mormon card and his architek/sculpture card :), I grabbed my luggage and shook President Boswell's hand with a big smile. I stepped out of the airport and hot! I didn't expect that. They put us in a taxi and told him to drive to the mission house. "Great, we are going to die." haha it was just like New York. I miss new york. All these old buildings. There is a place right by the mission home that is abandoned. They said that it was where they interrogated them and tortured them. They were going to make it a museum but it is pretty sad and it's just a reminder.

Contacting: I said Labdien to like everyone I saw haha. and one man stopped and started talking to us. I gave him a BOM and he gave us his number (with chalk on the sidewalk). I couldn't wipe off the smile on my face. I loved Riga. Dinner came and I entered this resturant. It was like a midevil dungeon. words, axes, I was in a fairytale. 

Jetlag was no where until after we ate. We all fell asleep during the prayer. it was funny. 


After being in Riga for a couple of days, I left with my companion Sister Gallacher on a bus and traveled for...2,3 hours to Liepaja. I am also with Sister Pliha, who is a native latvian, she's 28 and went to her mission in Ukraine and then taught at the mtc there. I prayed for a native. I got it! But she will be coming and going. She is doing a mini mission. 

Got in a taxi with all of our luggage, don't know how we did it. And what song do I hear? "House of the rising sun" I almost started crying, felt like I was back at zions with my best friend. Our place is pretty nice. Didn't expect that. My window right next to where I study in the morning, is right by a beautiful old church. The bells go off at 7:45. So beautiful.  

The steets are coublestone and interesting fact:no dirt or rocks here. We are built upon Sand! So if there are rocks, it's imported. I can't drink any water except what's in my water bottle. We do have a filter at home, that is what we brush our teeth with. Some streets are really smelly, pee, blood, etc. I am taking doterra every day :) So my first couple days in Riga were the happiest because People actually were alive. But not here. I haven't seen anyone smile. haha I think that's why they act so supprised when I smile at them. 

To be happy is a choice. And I have been trying really really hard to stay happy. It kinda wears on you (the no happiness here), but I pray every morning to be happy. I asked Pres in our first meeting if there was anything he wanted me to do specifically. and he said. "SMile." So, here I am, smiling. :) I love this. Going out in the streets, trying to speak latvian, getting on the tram every hour, I love it here. Alot of people go camping. They have their backpacks with them all the time. 


I got to church and Valija came! So I have realized, since going to church yesterday, that we are really started new here. There were I think...15 people there yesterday. Everyone is a convert. Excpet for the Branch presidents children. OH, he speaks russian. In Liepaja we have 2 elders speaking russina and four elders speaking Latvian and us 2 sisters. Me and my companion are doing what they call white wash? We both and new to this area. She started here, and was trained here, but then they took the sisters out. And now we are back! 

Well have to go. I didn't have time to take pictures. I will soon. Love you all. Sister Woodland.

Provo to Washington to Germany... to LATVIA!

The past week has been full of different experiences. I received a letter from Sister Nally (mtc pres. wife) saying that I was to perform twice infront of the New incoming missionaries on Wednesday. Me? Nervous? Never... This time, the sister missionaries that arrived outnumbered the elders... I think he said 370ish sisters to 350ish cool is that. The sisters are coming. Elders, watch out ;) If you haven't served a mission boys, there is no reason to be home because all of the young women won't be there to get married. So...go Serve and let the Lord change you into a man!!! (sorry...i'm in a "get off your lazy butt and do something about it" attitude right now.) Go talk to your bishop, he is your friend, he is your BEST FRIEND in this. He will help you. That is his duty.
I also received my travel plans! We wake up at 4 (27th) then Slc to Washington, then to Germany and then finally arrive in Riga, Latvia. We arrive there the next day. It's a good thing I've only riden on a plane once and I absolutely loved it. :)

Repentance means to CHANGE

One of my leaders likend repentance to a garden and I loved it!
He asked this question to three of his friends.
"How come you don't have any weeds in your garden?
-I don't plant any.
-I water those that I want to grow.
-I get them while they're little.
Don't plant problems in your life that you'll have to go back to. To have knowledge and spiritual experiences, you pray, read, develop habits that you want to have. Change while you're young. Change the bad habits now. Don't let the root grow!!! If you do, you might need 2,4 others to help pull. If you do not repent now, how much harder it will be in the future because that nasty root has grown!

Give it your ALL

"Faith is a principle of action and of power." Nash(70) Faith brings us the power of the Lord. D&C 84:19-21. The power of Godliness is well the power to be Godly, the power to change, and that change, power, is the Atonement. "The Atonement is the hinge of eternity!" People can access the Atonement. They need to get on their knees! Pray, plead, express what's in your heart! He can Heal
The Savior will change me. If I let him. Have faith. Elder Nash's main message (besides faith) was "Don't hold anything back!" I'm so ready to give everything I have.
last pic is me eating my juice family will think that is funny...


Masa Vudlande

just some pictures

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brother Joseph

(I wrote this after I watched this Josesph Smith Restoration Video. My family should watch it for FHE.)
I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. And God, through Joesph Smith, restored His gospel on the earth.
There is opposition in all things. Trials will come, tears will be shed, but know, "Thine afflictions will be but a small moment." In time of trial, have faith. Pray for strength. God will give it to you, if you believe in Him. I know with every part of me that God exists and He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins. That through the Atonement, we may Return to God and live with Him once again. I know this to be true.
How do I know these things to be true? Because I cannot deny that which I feel. The Holy Ghoset is testifying to me that these things are true. I feel it in my heart . A great burning within. Tears of truth with knowledge. To obtain this spirit, a testifier of truth, one must be in a situation to recieve him. A place where the spirit may dwell. If one isn't/doesn't feel the Savoir's love, put yourself in a situation where His love may be felt...Another way is through Prayer. I have greatly gained a testimony of Prayer. "For in His strength, I am strong." I know I can't do His work alone. I need Him. I need the Atoenment because I am not perfect. I need my Lord, Jesus Christ, my Savior. I feel His love surround me as I strive to do what's right. I know He loves me because of Prayer. Get down on your knees, pour out your soul. Let Him heal you. Let Him help you.
"By your faith, ye are made whole."
Go and do His work. Serve His people with diligence of mind, of and with your strength that the Lord has given you to help and strengthen the weak!
"Go and do wich the Lord hath commanded."
I am so grateful to know of the things that make me and my family happy. Christ's gospel brings peace unto my soul for I know that the Lord liveth!
Peace be unto you, I say, for God lives, and we will come into His rest.
I pray that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Random Thoughts

  • I auditioned today with an amazing accompianist (reminded me alot of Danny Hansen, miss him and am soo grateful for his letters). Was a little scared.
  • There are flees in Latvia and I'll get scars from them?! what....
  • SYLing every day, every hour, every minute......ok... well sometimes I can't remember words like tree, or pineapple, so I do say English sometimes. Even though I shouldn't be.
  • Saw Elder Jesse Taysom!!! I almost hugged him... haha seeing him made me think of Poky, and camping in the snow, and fainting in the hot pool, oh wait. different story. But said his first lesson was a little rough but then his next lessons were better because he didn't try to memorize the lesson. He's listening and coming to recognize the spirit! We both sing in the Choir. We absolutely love the Choir director. He is awesome! It's going to be so funny to see Ty speaking to Jesse.
  • I got the best letter in the world from my aunt Missy. THE BEST EVER.
  • Pretty soon I'll be getting my travel plans! I wouldn't mind just going tomorrow if I could.
  • Will someone please tell Grandpas to make me Music CD?! Only music that can be played in the temple :)
  • I love you all!!!
  • oh, Elder Neilson came and spoke to us about family search, and angels. And how they really are alive. And will come help us. That I believe. :)

It's Elder Filiaga!

Harrison and Alisa in the MTC
Masa Vudlande

some questions

  • Why does your hair fall out in Latvia?  -the hard water. Which is why your teeth stain yellow was well. so I might talk to danny about getting me some of those teeth strips because he loves me :) he writes me alsmost every week and I plan on writing him today. Love that boy so much! OH!!!!! I saw Harrison Ilano?! You'll have to tell Fish. Ya didn't know that he was goin on a mission!!!!!! It was so AWESOME!
  • Have you heard from Ben since he has been in FL?  Today YES! I didn't have his address so I couldn't send anything!!! But now I can. 
  • How is the language coming?  How did you manage speaking all day?  haha we not fluent by all means, but I can kinda street contact, and I can bear my testimony, say 5 scriptures like nobody's bussiness, and I have lots of words memorized...but then you have to conjugate them.
  • Are you going stir crazy yet? stir?? mabye you mean still? and what? I'm not going crazy. not at all. I love everythihng. seriously.
-I love you

random thoughts

If you had three wishes before you died, what would they be? Today, my letter is going to be quite random of different thoughts I had throughout the week. So hopefully you will be able to read it, like my awesome uncle Jimmy's letters he sends home ;)
I didn't really have to think about the wish question too hard. Here were my answers: For my dad to be strengthened in health, in his body; for money for my borther's and sister's  college education; and for instruments for my family that our home may always be filled with the language of the heavens.

There is a difference in which way he is facing, and which way he is looking. (with investigators)
I am so grateful for my voice and keep praying that I might have it back (I keep getting sick....). Mom will you send me the song from Saints and Pioneers, "You have nothing to fear"?

I remember when I received my mission call, how powerful the Holy Ghost testified to me that that is where I was needed. I am here, MTC, preparing to go. I am almost ready. I am excited.

"Who am I to judge another, while I walk imperfectly" Do not bruise another with unkind words and thoughts.
Your attitude will affect your behavior.
"Perfect love casteth out all fear."-Moroni 8:16. I absolutely love this verse. It just made me think, that if I truly Love the Lord, then I shall have no fear! I really have no fear (right now, and hope to never) about going to Latvia. I am just excited. I have trust in the Lord because I am doing all I can with all the time He has given me at the MTC. I believe, no...I know that Heavenly Father will protect me, will guide me, will help me deliver His glorious message in the Language of the Latvian people if I am listening, if I am grateful, if I act, if I love and have no fear. It depends on my faith.

Sesuo Bates painteed my nails....hahaha!

This is from Sister Nillson, She's from Sweden. :)

I love you all,
Masa Vudlande

Jesus Won't be Asleep When I'm in my Gethsemene

I sang in the MTC choir this week, and the choir director (he is amazing and funny) said something that I will always remember.."You'll sing it better, if you teach it better." We sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace." Of course I couldn't sing....because I cry all the time when I sing.And of course the camera was on me. For me, I have always felt the spirit when I let the music speak. I am so grateful that that is a language I understand. Music.
I always kind of put a little journal entry and so here is one.

The Natural Man

Tonight, BYU Men's choir came. And after that, Masa Stoute and I went to the short films, devo clip from Elder Bednars, Character of Christ, at Christmas Day Devo....wich I think that's the one Ty and his companion has to stand up there cause his companion had to say the closing prayer...My thoughts, I wish could just pull them all out and organize them. I wish I could remember everything, but this is what touched me or greatly impressed my thoughts.
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland) 

Satan (frustration) vs. Apastolic Blessing

As I was sitting, listening, and seeing the beloved apostle Elder Richard G. Scott get back up before the prayer began, tears filled my eyes and landed on my lap. "The Lord has called you to succeed, not fail. This mission experience wlil help you discover things you never knew. Will help you develop a great capacity to serve and love..."
The apastolic blessing to "Master" this Latvian language...will come as I have faith that it will, and if I pray to have the spirit of tongues. "Remember the Lord has called you to succeed, not fail...He will not abandon you." He got up after he was done speaking because he felt he needed to say that once more.
I'm inserting a journal entrance because 1, I don't have much time and 2, feel like it sums up pretty much what I want to say.

This gospel is tryly Amazing. My faith is growing. I can't help but to feel HAPPY. peace, and joy, and just a feeling that EVERYTHING is good. My favorite saying last summer that I said quit often was, "Life is good." It truly is. There's nothing for me to be afraid of. Nothing I can't do in His strenth. Today, if anyting, I have been taught to NOT complain! Just stop complaining. God didn't send me here to complain about life. But to enjoy it! Be happy. Why be sad? Just go outside and look at (what Masa Stoute's favorite thing is) the beauiful blooming flowers.
With God and His help, I can do anything. And so it will be.

Random things from this week

-Vocal Point came (I know, right?) and did a hymn share. It was awesome. I miss performing.
-apparently it's tradition that the boys have lost 15lbs when home from latvia, and the girls?? gain 25lbs...I am going to break that tradition :)
-you can't sit on the floor in Latvia because they are real superstitous: you can't have children if you do apparently.
-I saw my best friend today in the cafeteria, he got here yesterday!
-I get a compliment that I look I'm from the 50's every so often from the cute ladies here... :)
-Family: Watch Jeffrey R. Holland's Mormon Messages about Testimony of the Book of Mormon. I cried when I saw him hold up Hyrum Smith's Book of Mormon. I couldn't help but think...that is our ancestor's book he's holding...
-I love flowers...
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

a sacred saturday

My hand is still, yet spirit speaks.
A group of men and women strong
of all the same faith, belief, in One.
"Come Unto Me," the Savior said.
so come we are, come we are.
To Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Armania,
Georgian sisters, elders we are.
We are family.

Oh Holy Spirit, Dwell in me Always.
For when He is in me, I am not tired.
I am at peace, how soft is your word. 
A Peace to the mind, and a comfort to the blind.
These were just some of the things I had written on Saturday night. For the spirit was strong in this classroom I was in with all of my zone. These writtings I didn't mean to rhyme but sometimes they kinda do haha so it's not really a poem. Just words for Alisa that night. We talked about Priesthood session and then about the Young Women session with dear Sister Dalton. I was mostly touched by the sweet, innocent prayer of the young beehive girl. And this is what I wrote:
How Virtuous and Chaste are these Yong Women. May thy love be forever with them as they truly, faithfully, defend their "standards" and "beliefs." For virtue is what Beuatify women. Satan is evil and real and must tempt the children of men to have opposition present with Heavenly Father's merciful plan. Wo, unto those designs and desires of evil men who try to ensnare Young Virtuous women. For you place will be in Hell, slaves to the father of sin.
I am soo very grateful for the young, worthy, priesthood holders that have blessed my life. They have been great friends, great men, and great Sons of God, and great examples to me. Thank you.
This week I became inflicted with whatever bug is here in the MTC. I had an experience with my Elders in the Zone that I will always remember. It humbled me. I cannot do things alone. I have always believed that you, yourself, have the power to change anything by thought. And I still believe that...but what I realized, was that what is more powerful, is the powerful thought, from God. For He can truly heal and bless if your thoughts become One with His. Not His becoming yours. But yours becoming His.
The power of God is given to man on this earth. Holding such power enables(don't know if that's the right word) men to become like God. For if there was no priesthood, truth would not reign, and men would be once again in an apostacy state. How horrid for truth to be lost and such Godly Power to be taken away! Men become natural and women become beats, no such clean things can enter, nay leave.
I love these guys!

Yup, that's cocoa bean!

The Elders from my Zone
Love you all,
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

the little mermaid?

I walked into the classroom and all I heard was Latvian. No English whatsoever...It. was. Awesome.
Sorry I didn't write last week. We were supposed to wrtie on Thursday night but our zone leaders took way too long on the tour of the MTC. Half of our zone just went to greece. We called them the greeks. They were from Norway, England, and Finland. And then yesterday we got new greeks! They are from Sweden, England, Spain. In my district there are 4 of us (three girls and then Elder Webb) that are learning Latvian. Then one is in the classroom by herself (she's a solo sister) that's learning Lithuanian. Then two are learning Armenian. Then the last two are learning to speak georgian (they will be the first sisters going there they said).
My a red head!!! God knows me best. :) She is perfect. I absolutely love her. We are always laughing. I totally thought she was the Little Mermaid when I first saw her because she had her red hair and then she wore this green dress. Love it!
I don't have much time to write so I apologize...
I love dear elder by the way. Best thing ever. If you don't want to send letters, write me on dear elder! Thank you to all who have written me. I have felt the love pouring out of the envelopes when I open them!
  • What have you been learning in the MTC? Nathan -I have mostly been learning how to listen to the language of the spirit.
  • What have you been doing in the MTC?  Nathan-Praying...a lot.
  • Have you been drinking chocolate milk?  Nathan YES!!! Adam was right. He should be jealous because I will be here longer than him. Oh, 9 weeks total here.
  • Who is your companion?  Alex -My comp. is Sister Stout from Layton, Utah.
  • How do you say I Love You in Latvian?  Alex - Es Tevi Milu (with some lines over the I and U)
  • What is your favorite thing to eat in the MTC? Alex -hm...They have everything you can eat basically. So Alex, the ice cream is really good but I've had it only once. I now just try to control myself and have salad, bananas, and then once in a while I will have like a main dish like enchilada or something- oh they have guava dad. The drink we would have on Sundays.
  • What do you do in your free time?  Taylor - There is NO free time.
  • How is the language coming?  Taylor -It's coming. I was sooo glad I learned my numbers, baby words, and some hello's and things before I came. Because I've always struggled with grammer in English so difficult.
  • Does your companion sing?  Taylor- Yes
  • Do they still have the MTC choir?  Dad -Yes but Haven't done it yet. Will next week.
  • How are your teachers?  Dad -I have three of them. I really like them. One speaks way to fast.
  • Are you sleeping?  Dad -not really. I wake up at 5 every morning. I've been using Dotera so that helps but it's hard when My brain is only thinking of Latvian words and how to conjugate them.
  • How many people are in your district?  Mom -11 and then the new greeks which is like 5
  • How many sisters are heading to your mission? Mom- three of us girls
  • How many missionaries in the MTC right now? Mom - 3000? And we all just took the sacrament together in one room and in an overflow. it was a cool experience.
I love gym time. I am so grateful for my Military Fitness class. It taught me alot of things/exercises that I ended up teaching to some girls in gym. Also....I love BASKETBALL. I work out then the last of the time, I practice shooting hoops...hahahahahaha oh, if only you guys could have seen me trying to do it my fist time. Bahahaha! I was hilarious. And then I realized I really don't know what I am doing. So I asked. I asked someone how to shoot. Haha funny. And guess what? I can now make some pretty good baskets! But I had to ask first, practice and I'm still practicing. I never thought that I would like basketball. It's like my favorite thing. :)
I teach an investigator with Elder Webb. (I know, I thought it would be with a girl but....He's solo so we are kinda companins right now. We plan, teach together. Never heard of that before. And...I'm trying to learn patience. He just turned 19) The second day we went in and with the little latvian tha I knew, we tried to teach her. It. Was. Horrible. Haha we even forgot to start out with a It was rough. But then the second day was Awesome. Mostly because I wasn't focusing on the grammer or how to pronounce things. And the number one reason that made it a great lesson was because it wasn't about me. I didn't focuse on the me getting everything right part. We made it about her. I thought I was a great teacher but I have learned that the greatest teacher of all, is the spirit. I am merely an instument. One trying to learn a new tune to be able to be heard by the Latvian people. My strings are being pulled to be able to stay in tune, I mess up the notes sometimes, but the melody will be heard because the spirit is there. I have a song. A wonderful, beautiful song. And it will be heard by those that are ready. If I am ready.

Love you all!
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland)

Monday, April 1, 2013

four days down

Sister Alisa Woodland has been in the MTC for 4 days! I feel like it has been 2 weeks... Does anybody else think that this is going to go by really slowly? But we love her and are extremely happy to have her as an example in our lives.

Before Alisa left, she asked me if I would be in charge of her blog. So here I am! (This is Missy by the way). Be sure to subscribe to the email list if you want to receive updates on Alisa through this blog! I'll post updates on her Facebook page as well so you can keep up that way. Also, be sure to write to her! I will always keep her current mailing address up on the sidebar so you have no excuse. And here we go!