Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jesus Won't be Asleep When I'm in my Gethsemene

I sang in the MTC choir this week, and the choir director (he is amazing and funny) said something that I will always remember.."You'll sing it better, if you teach it better." We sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace." Of course I couldn't sing....because I cry all the time when I sing.And of course the camera was on me. For me, I have always felt the spirit when I let the music speak. I am so grateful that that is a language I understand. Music.
I always kind of put a little journal entry and so here is one.

The Natural Man

Tonight, BYU Men's choir came. And after that, Masa Stoute and I went to the short films, devo clip from Elder Bednars, Character of Christ, at Christmas Day Devo....wich I think that's the one Ty and his companion has to stand up there cause his companion had to say the closing prayer...My thoughts, I wish could just pull them all out and organize them. I wish I could remember everything, but this is what touched me or greatly impressed my thoughts.
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland) 

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