Thursday, May 16, 2013

random thoughts

If you had three wishes before you died, what would they be? Today, my letter is going to be quite random of different thoughts I had throughout the week. So hopefully you will be able to read it, like my awesome uncle Jimmy's letters he sends home ;)
I didn't really have to think about the wish question too hard. Here were my answers: For my dad to be strengthened in health, in his body; for money for my borther's and sister's  college education; and for instruments for my family that our home may always be filled with the language of the heavens.

There is a difference in which way he is facing, and which way he is looking. (with investigators)
I am so grateful for my voice and keep praying that I might have it back (I keep getting sick....). Mom will you send me the song from Saints and Pioneers, "You have nothing to fear"?

I remember when I received my mission call, how powerful the Holy Ghost testified to me that that is where I was needed. I am here, MTC, preparing to go. I am almost ready. I am excited.

"Who am I to judge another, while I walk imperfectly" Do not bruise another with unkind words and thoughts.
Your attitude will affect your behavior.
"Perfect love casteth out all fear."-Moroni 8:16. I absolutely love this verse. It just made me think, that if I truly Love the Lord, then I shall have no fear! I really have no fear (right now, and hope to never) about going to Latvia. I am just excited. I have trust in the Lord because I am doing all I can with all the time He has given me at the MTC. I believe, no...I know that Heavenly Father will protect me, will guide me, will help me deliver His glorious message in the Language of the Latvian people if I am listening, if I am grateful, if I act, if I love and have no fear. It depends on my faith.

Sesuo Bates painteed my nails....hahaha!

This is from Sister Nillson, She's from Sweden. :)

I love you all,
Masa Vudlande

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