Thursday, May 16, 2013

some questions

  • Why does your hair fall out in Latvia?  -the hard water. Which is why your teeth stain yellow was well. so I might talk to danny about getting me some of those teeth strips because he loves me :) he writes me alsmost every week and I plan on writing him today. Love that boy so much! OH!!!!! I saw Harrison Ilano?! You'll have to tell Fish. Ya didn't know that he was goin on a mission!!!!!! It was so AWESOME!
  • Have you heard from Ben since he has been in FL?  Today YES! I didn't have his address so I couldn't send anything!!! But now I can. 
  • How is the language coming?  How did you manage speaking all day?  haha we not fluent by all means, but I can kinda street contact, and I can bear my testimony, say 5 scriptures like nobody's bussiness, and I have lots of words memorized...but then you have to conjugate them.
  • Are you going stir crazy yet? stir?? mabye you mean still? and what? I'm not going crazy. not at all. I love everythihng. seriously.
-I love you

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