Thursday, April 18, 2013

a sacred saturday

My hand is still, yet spirit speaks.
A group of men and women strong
of all the same faith, belief, in One.
"Come Unto Me," the Savior said.
so come we are, come we are.
To Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Armania,
Georgian sisters, elders we are.
We are family.

Oh Holy Spirit, Dwell in me Always.
For when He is in me, I am not tired.
I am at peace, how soft is your word. 
A Peace to the mind, and a comfort to the blind.
These were just some of the things I had written on Saturday night. For the spirit was strong in this classroom I was in with all of my zone. These writtings I didn't mean to rhyme but sometimes they kinda do haha so it's not really a poem. Just words for Alisa that night. We talked about Priesthood session and then about the Young Women session with dear Sister Dalton. I was mostly touched by the sweet, innocent prayer of the young beehive girl. And this is what I wrote:
How Virtuous and Chaste are these Yong Women. May thy love be forever with them as they truly, faithfully, defend their "standards" and "beliefs." For virtue is what Beuatify women. Satan is evil and real and must tempt the children of men to have opposition present with Heavenly Father's merciful plan. Wo, unto those designs and desires of evil men who try to ensnare Young Virtuous women. For you place will be in Hell, slaves to the father of sin.
I am soo very grateful for the young, worthy, priesthood holders that have blessed my life. They have been great friends, great men, and great Sons of God, and great examples to me. Thank you.
This week I became inflicted with whatever bug is here in the MTC. I had an experience with my Elders in the Zone that I will always remember. It humbled me. I cannot do things alone. I have always believed that you, yourself, have the power to change anything by thought. And I still believe that...but what I realized, was that what is more powerful, is the powerful thought, from God. For He can truly heal and bless if your thoughts become One with His. Not His becoming yours. But yours becoming His.
The power of God is given to man on this earth. Holding such power enables(don't know if that's the right word) men to become like God. For if there was no priesthood, truth would not reign, and men would be once again in an apostacy state. How horrid for truth to be lost and such Godly Power to be taken away! Men become natural and women become beats, no such clean things can enter, nay leave.
I love these guys!

Yup, that's cocoa bean!

The Elders from my Zone
Love you all,
Māsa Vūdlande (Sister Woodland)

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