Monday, June 24, 2013

Riga and Russians

well the members here...are just converts. So on the list here in liepaja there are I think 200 members...but that regurarly go to 10? it's pretty sad. there are those 10 that sometimes have time to help us. we usually plan and help with the activities because they don't really know how to. teaching has been....well. I'm not gonna lie, the language is obviously hard. and I usually don°t speak much in the lessons. I understand most of the time, but speaking is an entirely different matter. but I'm still trying.

The Scerbinins

"I hope my skirt doesn't fly up!" I thought as I twirled around in the tiny living room of the Scerbinins house. They asked to see me turn cause their cute lil girl is dancing for the talent show. I'm also going to dance with one of the other member's lil girl for the talent show....and they want to hear me yodel...It's gonna be an interesting one...I yodeled for my English class when we had show and tell and then Vladamir (Russian. you could have guessed cause of his name) He is awesome. like 60 years old. Think I sing like in the alps.


The cobblestone streets, the tall statues, guitar music playing in the background...I am in a fairytale. Last P-day we spent the day in Riga because we had zone conference on Monday and then we had to do another set of exchanges there as well. I have been traveling every single week to different cities. I love traveling. God knows me soo well. He is giving me soo many opportunities with teaching, with my talents, with basically all of my desires...just listen to the spirit and the Lord will bless you :)

Drunk Russians

After Riga, we got on the bus and as I said, "Labdien!" to the lady who sat by me, she then started talking back to me in Russian..."Ah, another one?! I always talk to the Russians!...grr." She then pulled out some liquor and was the funniest 4 hour bus ride. Let's just say the Latvian people didn't want to just drop her off so they tied her feet with a zip tie...and she might have peed on the floor. The other time, always on buses it seems like, was also trying to speak with me in Russian.

The Lauki

A lot of the Latvians go to their summer homes, lauki, and farm and just live there to be happy. So we traveled to one of our investigators farm and we pulled weeds! oh how my family knows I love to pull weeds. :) But really though, I loved it. Everyone barefoot and having a good ole time gardening. The strawberries were soo good. I loved getting dirty.

Today's P-day

We are emailing earlier because we are traveling to Kuldiga. I don't know much about it but I heard that it has the longest waterfall in Europe...? well....Atta!

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