Monday, June 10, 2013

Provo to Washington to Germany... to LATVIA!

The past week has been full of different experiences. I received a letter from Sister Nally (mtc pres. wife) saying that I was to perform twice infront of the New incoming missionaries on Wednesday. Me? Nervous? Never... This time, the sister missionaries that arrived outnumbered the elders... I think he said 370ish sisters to 350ish cool is that. The sisters are coming. Elders, watch out ;) If you haven't served a mission boys, there is no reason to be home because all of the young women won't be there to get married. So...go Serve and let the Lord change you into a man!!! (sorry...i'm in a "get off your lazy butt and do something about it" attitude right now.) Go talk to your bishop, he is your friend, he is your BEST FRIEND in this. He will help you. That is his duty.
I also received my travel plans! We wake up at 4 (27th) then Slc to Washington, then to Germany and then finally arrive in Riga, Latvia. We arrive there the next day. It's a good thing I've only riden on a plane once and I absolutely loved it. :)

Repentance means to CHANGE

One of my leaders likend repentance to a garden and I loved it!
He asked this question to three of his friends.
"How come you don't have any weeds in your garden?
-I don't plant any.
-I water those that I want to grow.
-I get them while they're little.
Don't plant problems in your life that you'll have to go back to. To have knowledge and spiritual experiences, you pray, read, develop habits that you want to have. Change while you're young. Change the bad habits now. Don't let the root grow!!! If you do, you might need 2,4 others to help pull. If you do not repent now, how much harder it will be in the future because that nasty root has grown!

Give it your ALL

"Faith is a principle of action and of power." Nash(70) Faith brings us the power of the Lord. D&C 84:19-21. The power of Godliness is well the power to be Godly, the power to change, and that change, power, is the Atonement. "The Atonement is the hinge of eternity!" People can access the Atonement. They need to get on their knees! Pray, plead, express what's in your heart! He can Heal
The Savior will change me. If I let him. Have faith. Elder Nash's main message (besides faith) was "Don't hold anything back!" I'm so ready to give everything I have.
last pic is me eating my juice family will think that is funny...


Masa Vudlande

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